Monday, February 25, 2008

Supper Consisted of This.....

Yes, this was what was under all those covered bowl in the last picture/post... :)
1. Grilled, herby chicken
2. Caesar Salad
3. Creamy, fresh apple sauce
4. Fresh whole wheat, flax dinner rolls

Very good, and of-course for me, the best part.... inexpensive and yet a healthy, balanced meal! ;)
Psa 119:16-17
I shall delight in Thy statutes; I shall not forget Thy word. Deal bountifully with Thy servant, That I may live and keep Thy word.


Anna said...

Yeah...that looks good...mmhmm...

Lydia Grace said...

this was my fav. meal to takes pics of so far. It was a lot of fun making it and it was a healthy-all-the-way meal! hehe ;)